If your home is looking a little dingy and has lost its sparkle, it may be time for a fresh new coat of paint inside and out. In the scope of home remodeling projects, a paint job is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform the look and feel of your home. Let our design and paint consultant work with you to transform your house into a home with stunning design appeal.

With a fresh coat of new paint, you can change interior and exterior colors, freshen up dirty, stained walls, increase the resale value of your home, and boost curb appeal. Painting is a fast, simple way to give your home a facelift without breaking the bank.


Although you clean the rooms in your house on a regular basis, you probably don’t clean your walls or your trim. They are forgotten surfaces that collect dirt, dust, fingerprints, marks, and stains, especially if you have a busy household, small children and pets. Some people actually wash their walls periodically, but this can remove paint as well and dirt and grime. Over time, you’ll need a fresh coat of paint to keep your interior clean and bright.


Although your home’s interior spaces get a lot of wear-and-tear from daily activities, your home’s exterior takes much more abuse from outdoor elements especially in the hot Texas sun. Over the course of a year, your home’s exterior paint takes a beating from hot sun, rain, snow, wind, and pollution. These elements can quickly fade your paint, splinter your siding and wood trim, and damage your doors, gutters and facings creating a multitude of problems. Your exterior will likely need to be painted more often than your interior to protect the structure of your home.


When it comes to cabinet painting, our skilled craftsmen do the right jobs. Our cost-effective and thorough methods will leave you with the cabinets of your dreams. Well painted cabinets can make your kitchen feel like home.

Why us?

While anyone can paint, there is an art to finding a good house painter. Knowing which paints to use, applying those paints properly, and being a skilled painter all come from years of experience and training. When hiring us to paint your home, you will not only have a skilled and trained painter, but we also provide you with a design consultant who will work with you to select the right colors, sheen, and applique to create a whole new look just right for your home.

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